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3 Steps to a Successful Enrollment Conversation

The enrollment conversation does not have to be scary… doesn’t even have to be difficult.  It just has to be perfected 🙂 So here are my 3 Steps to a Successful Enrollment Conversation Step 1: Prepare the Prospect Before you have a call with them you need to know a bit about them AND THEY…

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Hire top performers or suffer

It doesn’t take long as a business owner to recognize that some team members ‘get it’ and other simply don’t. I once heard leadership expert John Maxwell tell a story of a guy asking him, “how do I motivate my people?” John looked at him and simply said: “You don’t, you hire motivated people!” Unfortunately,…

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Treat them like a client before they are one and they are more likely to become one.

Are you creating the environment for success for the team and for your prospects? Most of you are pretty good at making sure your personal environment is set for success prior to a sales conversation (though I am sure it can be more dialed in). What are you doing to ensure that the people who…

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