3 Steps to a Successful Enrollment Conversation

The enrollment conversation does not have to be scary… doesn’t even have to be difficult.  It just has to be perfected 🙂

So here are my 3 Steps to a Successful Enrollment Conversation

Step 1: Prepare the Prospect

Before you have a call with them you need to know a bit about them AND THEY NEED TO KNOW A BIT ABOUT YOU!  More importantly they need to know about what is going to happen on the call with you.  So lay it out clearly and simply.  

Tell them the questions you are going to provide them answers to.  Let them know how the flow of the call will go.  Have them think on specific questions coming into the call that will prepare them to make a decision on the call.  Such as: “What is the biggest obstacle in your business right now”… or “Where do you want to be in your business 12 months from now”.  These prepare the prospect to be thinking of solutions.  YOU ARE THE SOLUTION.  

Step 2: Point Out the Pain

How bad is it going to suck if they don’t change anything… if they stay in the same situation they are in?  What is the real consequence to their inaction?

So many sales trainers are afraid to tell the truth and point out the pain… you don’t serve them by pampering their purpose and not pointing out their pain.  We are hear to elevate the pain.  That is what the right product/tool/service does.  So it’s important that the pain is identified and then a prescription for healing revealed.

Step 3: Proclaim Your Power

When you can establish their pain, point out the consequence of it.  Then and only then can you bring out your solution that will set them free. Help them be free!  

The power is yours!  You hold the prescription pad to freedom… and now you need to proclaim it and listen for the relief in their voice… finally they will get their relief.  

These steps are simple and you can practice them in every type of conversation where you are called to serve.  But specifically in the enrollment conversation.  As that is the moment in which you can empower them to make the decision that could possibly change the trajectory of their entire life!

No pacifying, no pampering, no pre-programmed conversations!  

Get real about real results and see if your conversions do not go up substantially… I believe you can do it 🙂