5 Steps To Huge ROI As An Event Go-er

Ever attend an event, free or not, and show up really hoping to make some great contacts and possibly pickup new clients?

In the video I share 5 powerful keys to ensuring you maximize your ROI, and have a productive event AND provide value for the event itself.

Step #1 – Commit to the mindset of enhancing the event and meeting the needs of others.

Our core design as humans is to connect with others for their benefit.  Engaging generosity as the primary motive will ensure you make a lasting impact.

Step #2 – Play the long game

Lose the $Revenue$Goal$ (no commission breath).  You heard me right! No immediate revenue goal.

Never sacrifice the long game for the short win

  • ROI Has Legs — it will outlast you.  Keep it in perspective at all times
  • Setup cost center for tracking.  You’re building a business.

Step #3 – Research: If you don’t have the commitment to figure out what the event host’s objectives are for the event, you have no business attending.

  • Event objectives:  what do they want to accomplish or provide?
  • Who’s attending: who is the audience and what are their needs
  • Attendees Objectives: what are they really expecting from the event and how can you provide it?  {hint} its not by selling them your stuff

Step #4 – Plan and calendar Follow-up

Prepare Event Recap strategy; try looking for a way to give value to them rather than a win/win.

Your ideas will be best because they are coming from you!

  • Even recaps are always great
  • Reconnect over the intros you made for them
  • Pre-book time slots for conversations (more likely you will fill them if you already have them on the calendar

Step #5 – VIP Suite Strategy: (follow closely – this is pure gold. Pay attention to the video.)

  • Book an exec suite AT SAME VENUE as the event
  • Confirm event schedule (remember rule #1) to eliminate competing with the event or host
  • List clear markers that identify someone as an IDEAL prospect for you
  • 3 questions that require a YES response from a prospect to self identify
  • Plan a reception with an abbreviated preview (15 min) and a resource to send them with.

If selling face to face in a crowd is not your particular strength.  I totally get it. AND I have a video that can help with that.