Amazing ‘Ask The Expert’ Segment With Alina Vincent

I recently did an amazing ‘Ask The Expert’ segment with Alina Vincent. It was a great dialog and a great example of what happens when you just get in conversation with people and start making it happen.

Quite honestly, the flow of this conversation was really a good example of what a sales conversation can be. We were just in the moment, going where it needed to go – just being totally connected and vibing.

The one thing that really jumped out in our conversation, that Alina reflected back to me, was that when she first met me we were in a room full of colleagues and peers and she was talking about sales support. Everyone she spoke to pointed to me as the person she needed to talk to for a solution. Now, this isn’t about, ‘I’m THE sales guy’, it’s about the power of a niche. The power and importance of being known for something.

If you’re not known for something, you are not known for anything. Right? So you really have to get laser focused on who you serve, how you serve them, what you do, what you’re going to be known for, and how you provide a solution.

This is something that we’ve been blessed with. We’ve had the privilege to be living in that experience for the past few years in our business and it is something that we do not take for granted, but is always worth a reminder.

So dive into this interview. Please do it with a pen and notepad. Be ready to find a minimum of 1 great take-away that you can immediately implement into your business and sales process. There are several nuggets in this conversation you will be able to use over and over as you master your sales conversation. This is a conversation, with a real time expert in the game, you are going to want to save and go back to numerous times.