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Jim Padilla on Have Conversations with the Right People at the Right Time to Make Income Predictable

I had the opportunity to be on Becoming Your Greatest Possible Self Podcast with Chris Burns. He’s somebody I’m so in alignment with and he is a rising star in the personal development space. This guy totally gets it and we were able to dive into some great conversation about maximizing the sales conversation by…

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Jim on The Purpose Driven Entrepreneur

Do you consider yourself on purpose? Are you focused on making an impact and difference to those around you? Is making money a priority? Then you may want to get connected to my good friend Matt Brauning and follow his Purpose Driven Entrepreneur Podcast. He and I had a great conversation on his show about…

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Treat them like a client before they are one and they are more likely to become one.

Are you creating the environment for success for the team and for your prospects? Most of you are pretty good at making sure your personal environment is set for success prior to a sales conversation (though I am sure it can be more dialed in). What are you doing to ensure that the people who…

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