But what about my brand voice?

One of the questions I am asked most often is “What about my brand?”  Anytime you partner with someone to represent you and your brand this is a huge concern.

I get it!

In fact, when talking with prospective partners a large part of our initial conversation is about determining if we are a fit with their brand and their voice. This is not something we take lightly.

And neither should you!

You have worked hard building your business, your brand, your voice…all to create the kind of experience for your clients that you want them to have.

You’ve created sales materials and designed strategies around your mission and goals. You’ve invested time and energy to make sure your prospects and clients walk away with the kind of feeling you want them to remember you by.

In fact, I would say, little is more important as a core competency of your partners than their ability to represent you well.  Everyone who works with and for you needs to be your brand ambassador, creating a consistent experience from first contact through delivery.

There are a number of things we do here to make sure we are able to represent our partners well, integrating completely with them and their voice, and always showing up as a strong partner, from beginning to end.

Our approach is a bit different than you may be familiar with. It’s something that you can implement in any area of business to increase the quality of your team and improve their fit with you.

Rather than assigning certain team members and strategists to certain partners, we invite them to work with our partners. This allows our strategists to choose to work on the projects and with the partners who truly resonate with them, and who they feel they can get behind.

When you assign tasks to team members, you are telling them who they will work with. This incredibly common mistake sets people up to work with brands they don’t resonate with, which impacts the brand the most!  By allowing people to raise their hands to work with us we are upleveling the commitment we are likely to get.

Something else that is key to our success in integrating with our partners is our onboarding process. We follow a carefully planned and tested onboarding process that we have continued to improve over the last several years. Experience has taught us what is important to cover to make sure we can represent our partners in a way that makes us, and them, proud.

When partnering for the first time, or bringing on new team members, it is essential to have a solid onboarding process. And to follow it. It will be tempting, at times, to shortcut the onboarding process to get someone to start earlier.  

This is almost always a mistake!  The time saved by skipping steps will most definitely be taken up in making corrections later on.

Finally, we have a very unique way of driving our team to success.  It’s a delicate balance between driving your team to succeed and pushing them to close sales. They may sound the same, but they are very, very different.

This is a nuance of team development and motivation that has taken years to understand and perfect. We work with our team daily to encourage and support them in their sales goals. We don’t push them to close sales because that results in pushy sales people. We support them to success. We don’t push them to it.

By following these guidelines, and never cutting corners, we are able to represent our partners in a way that makes them proud, creates a strong relationship between them and their prospects from the beginning, and creates trust in our partnership.

Creating, and following, guidelines like this will help you to find partners you want to work with and to add team members that you are excited to have represent you and your brand.