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Do you suffer from launch paralysis?

Do you suffer from launch paralysis?  Are you spending so much time thinking about your launch that you aren’t actually launching?  Is creating strategy taking all of your energy, yet you still aren’t moving forward with your launch? This is a common challenge for entrepreneurs. We can get so caught up in planning our launch…

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Without this you are leaving money on the table

Do you have a live chat on your website?   Is it manned during your launch by live support? Did you know if you don’t have a live chat feature you are leaving money on the table? A bold statement, I know. And a true one. When you have a prospect on your website they…

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Are you leaving money on the table during your launch?

Launch time is a critical time in any business. Months of planning go into preparing every piece of your launch. You hire copywriters to write your emails, customer service reps to handle client requests, videographers to film your launch videos, graphic designers to create beautiful images…the list goes on and on. It is perhaps the…

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11 things to do when they won't open your emails

11 Things To Do When They Won’t Open Your Emails

During a launch nothing is more important than generating leads. With an estimated 215 billion emails per day being sent, it is more difficult than ever to stand out. Your email campaign is a very powerful way to generate leads for your sales team to follow up on. It is how you talk to your…

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Can you really outsource your sales team?

When most of us think of outsourcing we think of hiring great VAs, graphic designers, web developers and people to handle other administrative and technical tasks.  This is common place in our industry, and odds are good you are already doing that. But what about your sales team?  Can you really outsource your sales team…

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