This is the BEST 2-day sales training ever...

We will personally teach you our step by step enrollment conversation system that leads your clients to a resounding YES to working with YOU!

Your enrollment conversation will be authentic to YOU, comfortable and valuable for YOUR clients....and have MORE CLIENTS saying YES!!

This 2-day Virtual Live Event - "Conversion Immersion" is a 6-part, step-by-step (walk-you-by-the-hand) bootcamp, that is guaranteed to give you the confidence you need to be successful in sales.  

We'll hold your feet to the fire as you achieve the greatness you've always had inside. 

You will gain the skills to close more sales, enroll more clients into your programs and serve the people you were called to serve!

To build a thriving business, you MUST first master the art of the enrollment
conversation so that you can effortlessly convert your one-on-one consultations,
discovery session and/or strategy session prospects into paying customers.

We know you were called to serve your perfect clients and build a community. Your prospects tell you how amazing and talented you are, but they do not sign up or pay to work with you.

You are starting to wonder if you should even be doing this work. 

Yes, you are meant to live out your life's just need to learn the Art & Science of the Enrollment Conversation. 

Once you've mastered the enrollment conversation, you can say GOOD-BYE to endless enrollment conversations that end in:

"I need to think about it."

"I don't have the money.

"I can't afford it."

"I really wish I could work with you, it just isn't the right time for me now."

How many enrollment conversations do you wish you could do over because you didn't share what you do with confidence and as the expert you are, the perfect solution to their problems?

Are you "trying out" new ways of doing the enrollment conversations over and over in hopes of finding the right one?

The worst part of not having a proven, authentic to you, system for enrollment conversations is that your clients walk away without the support & transformation only YOU can provide. They remain stuck. 

In Conversion Immersion, we work with you - industry experts - to create your very own customized Enrollment Conversation system. We then show you how to use this system to "rock at sales" so you can grow your business, serve your ideal clients and fulfill your purpose.

We are on the court, everyday living and breathing "Sales" and Enrollment Conversations.

We know what it takes to be successful with enrollment conversations.

Jim has spent 20+ years in the sales, self-development and entrepreneurial world. He has built and coached many to build successful businesses. He has been a Master Sales Trainer and coached thousands of business owners around the world.

Cyndi's had a successful career with Target and Gap as an executive and Store Manager. Her signature strength is building high-performance teams, creating cultures of accountability & results. She has a bachelors in Business and a Masters in Organizational Leadership.

Together we are a top-flight, unique brand of Leadership!

Our mission is to help you achieve more Influence, Impact and Income in your business and life.

We will show you how to build the rock solid trust & rapore that will be the basis and bedrock for getting your customers to invest in your programs.

Craft YOUR Custom Enrollment Conversation

Creating a step by step plan for your Custom Enrollment Conversation is probably easier than you think, but it does require some planning.

In this 2-day training, you'll get access to templates, exercises, and tools that will teach you to Enroll Clients with Ease and Authenticity.

This isn't a bunch of theory or fluff... it's high impact, it's fast paced, and it's all about you getting solid results - right NOW in your business.

This 2-day virtual live event is giving YOU the system to rock your enrollment conversations in an interactive and engaging real-life, real-time experience.

Learn our Step by step proven formula

that will get YOU More Resounding YESes from your Enrollment conversations. We will walk you through each phase of the enrollment conversation. You will craft YOUR Custom Enrollment Map by the end of the 2-days.

Overcome doubt and resistance early in the enrollment conversation.

Overcome doubt and resistance early in the enrollment conversation. Learn how to QUICKLY establish rapport and a heart-connection with your prospective clients... get to your clients' VISION and BIG WHY. You then become their "partner" in finding the solutions... it is magical.

Learn the #1 reason coaches & healers lose the sale!

They spend all their time talking about their program, modules, calls or their craft. Your perfect client only cares about ONE thing... Are you the person to solve their problem? Your job is to position yourself as the Expert. Learn the secrets to creating the perfect Expertise & Experience statement that will have your clients connecting with you and wanting more.

Learn how YOUR MONEY story is COSTing YOU clients.

Yes, that's right. Your history and relationship with money comes out during the enrollment conversations.. right about the time YOU make the offer. Have you ever caught yourself lowering your price right when it comes time to talk money? Clean up your money story and learn to stand in YOUR Value.... close more sales and make more $$

This is the BEST part!

You learn how to position YOU and your Program as the PERFECT Solution to their problem. You are here to save the day.... to bring about the Transformation they have been praying for. No more feeling awkward and definitely NO More Convincing.

Learn to "Dance" with Objections.

This is the time for you to go deep with your clients. You get to use all the juicy information they shared with you during your conversation to re-enroll them in their VISION for their life. There is power in being able to step into your client's vision and their "why" with them. You stand strong for them, for their vision and for their why. They need you to LEAD them through the FIRE we call objections.

If you're ready to master your Enrollment Conversations and change your results forever - then don't delay your success any longer - join us for Conversion Immersion

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