3 Secrets to an Extraordinary Team

A peak performing team can mean the difference between the success and failure of your company.  The problem is, you most likely didn’t start your company to be a manger.  You started it so you could share your message, your mission, with the people who need to hear it!

You may not have even had any experience managing others!

Whatever your particular situation, the reality is that your team is the key to your success.  And when your team operates at their maximum capacity, your business will reap the rewards!  You will have lower turnover, saving time and dollars.

The mechanics of your business will run more smoothly and your clients will be happier!  Things will get done more efficiently, meaning less money spent fixing mistakes and smoothing ruffled feathers.

There’s no question…managing your team, and supporting them to operating at peak performance, will absolutely change your business.  

So how do you, as a busy entrepreneur, support your team so they can achieve amazing results without taking away from the other critical things you must be doing, and the parts of the business you love doing?

There are really 3 simple things you must put in place to manage your team to success.

Challenge them to perform at their maximum capacity. The first thing you must do if you are going to manage an exceptional team is to challenge them to perform.  Let them know what you expect of them, the level you’d like them to operate at, and how much you encourage taking risks.  Encourage your team to always do their best, and let them know that you believe in them. They will live up to your expectations.

Hold them accountable for their results. Every person on your team produces results. They all make a difference and impact your bottom line in one way or another.  It is essential, for them and you, that you hold them accountable for the results they are producing.  This may mean something different for each person on your team, and it will always require clear communication with them about the expectations you have of them.  It will also motivate them to perform, improve their results, and help them know what you consider to be an extraordinary team member.

Give them the resources and clarity they need to perform their role effectively.  Make sure you have made all the resources available to them that they will need. Offer clarity, ask for areas of concern or confusion, and offer as much information as they need to do their job well. Then give them the space to do that.  Once your team has the resources and clarity they need they will be able to give you their best effort.

If you are being selective enough in your hiring process, and you have a team that is capable and willing to work, you will be able to encourage and support them to greatness by following the three steps outlined above.

It does take effort and time on your part.  Managing a team is a hands on endeavor, and requires patience and commitment from you.  In addition to the running of your company, managing your team can be the equivalent of an additional part-full time job.  There’s not any way around that.

BUT, if you commit to the process, you will have an amazing team that will create extraordinary results for you and your company!