Hire top performers or suffer

It doesn’t take long as a business owner to recognize that some team members ‘get it’ and other simply don’t.

I once heard leadership expert John Maxwell tell a story of a guy asking him, “how do I motivate my people?”

John looked at him and simply said: “You don’t, you hire motivated people!”

Unfortunately, often the ones who don’t ‘get it’ can be very costly. Often they are the team members that consume the most energy from us.  But think about it like this.  

What if you didn’t have that person on your team… how much of your time, energy and effort could be focused on those that are actually getting you the result?.  How much more could they glean from you and perform at a higher level if you were not consumed by the one that doesn’t ‘get it’?

I know it’s a lot of responsibility to hire and FIRE someone.  But the reality is your time needs to be focused on the top performers.  You need to be building a solid foundation around yourself and your business.  Whether it is your sales team, operations team or just you a few.  Your TOP performers need 80% of your time… and the NOT performers… well often they need to go.  

Here are my 3 Tips for Hiring Top Performers:

  1. Implement an unusual out of the norm application process.  They need to jump through hoops, show what they have and convince you they are hungry! (take a peak at our hiring page here: https://www.gaintheedgenow.com/top-producers/
  2. Ask questions on the interview that throw them off a little.  Ie: tell me about your most memorable childhood experience good or bad.  – this question does 2 things.  
    1. Allows you to see how well they can respond when what they don’t expect happens
    2. Allows you to see if they have a tendency toward the negative side of life / or positive.
  3. Ask for their daily routine.  This is a question I like to ask to see how habitual they are… people who follow strict habits tend to be better performers in certain tasks.  People who don’t tend to be great in other tasks or roles.  So if I am looking for an operations person I want to know they are habitual, their lives live in process… otherwise they are likely to be more unorganized / messy with their work.  If I am hiring for a sales person, I want someone who lives a little more ‘shoot from the hip’ otherwise they will stop listening to the person they are trying to sale too and simply work them through a formula.