11 things to do when they won't open your emails

11 Things To Do When They Won’t Open Your Emails

During a launch nothing is more important than generating leads. With an estimated 215 billion emails per day being sent, it is more difficult than ever to stand out.

Your email campaign is a very powerful way to generate leads for your sales team to follow up on. It is how you talk to your clients and prospects, make offers, and ask them to take action. Imagine what it would be like to run a launch without email at all.  How would you promote your launch?  

Now, how do you think your launch would go if 30%-50% of the people you sent emails to would open them?  What would happen to your leads and opportunities?  Imagine how much more you could make on your launches if you had open rates like these!

When you are sending emails and they are not getting opened, you are getting feedback from your subscribers. They are telling you that something about the email is not hitting the mark for them.  There are a lot of things that could cause this, and thankfully, almost all of them are fixable.

By spending time now to increase your open rates, you are exponentially increasing the potential results from your upcoming launches. You are maximizing your resources and giving yourself the best chance of a successful launch.

Increase your sales

According to the Direct Marketing Association, email marketing ROI is about 4,300%.  That makes email marketing an essential part of your sales and launch efforts.  Of course, in order to get that kind of ROI the emails have to be opened.  Think about the impact it would have on your sales if you could increase your open rates from, say, 12% to 27%!  You could potentially more than double your sales with no extra advertising spend.

With industry average open rates at 21%, Click to Open rates at 12.6% and straight Click Through Rates at 3.2%, this is clearly one of the most powerful ways to significantly impact the number of leads you are able to generate for your sales team.

Increase your open rates

Here are 11 specific things you can do to improve your open rates and generate more leads for your sales team to close.

1. Write a solid, attention grabbing subject line that tells them what they’re going to get. We know you’ve gotten them. Emails with a Re: in the subject line even though they aren’t actually in reply to anything? While this is a somewhat effective tactic when trying to get increased open rates, there is no data showing that it improves the click through rate.

It seems that it can actually hurt your relationship with your reader. By trying to be deceptive you are telling your reader that you don’t value their time, you don’t respect their needs, and you aren’t really worried about anything other than getting your emails opened.

A better result would be to get the emails opened by people who want to read what you are sharing. When you are upfront and direct about what your email contains you will get more qualified people to open, and respond, to your emails.

Also make sure to use specific language. Don’t be vague in your subject line.  Be specific, let them know what to expect, and let them know that you will deliver. Numbers are also helpful in getting your emails opened. It let’s the reader know what’s coming, and tells them that you are going to deliver.

2. Pay attention to your email preview text. Email previews show up to 20 words, but each email client is different.  To be safe make sure your first 50 characters are enough to prompt someone to open your email.  They should be interesting, intriguing, and/or specific enough to grab the reader’s attention and get them to click on the email.

3. Customize your from field. Make sure your From Field is user friendly and that your reader will recognize it. Most research has found that using an individual’s name rather than a company’s name will prompt more opens and results.  

4. Read through your email as if you are a subscriber. It sounds simple because it is. And it is very often forgotten. Take the time to read through your emails before you send them. Send them to yourself and open them in your email to understand your subscriber’s experience.

Notice if the email meets your expectations after reading the subject line. Pay attention how the email preview shows up in your own email client. Does the email provide value to you, as a client or prospect? Are you glad that you spent the time reading it, or do you feel as though you’ve just been robbed of time?  

If you aren’t glad you just took the time to read your email, your subscribers won’t be either.  Rewrite your email until it’s interesting and valuable for you to read, even on the third and fourth read through.

5. Write your email as if you’re speaking on ONE person. Use personalization in your email. If your email service will let you, and most of them will, add some personalization in every email.

Include the day of the week, month, year, first name or anything else that fits to make the reader feel as if you’re actually talking to them.  We all know you are sending emails to lots of people, but we don’t want to be reminded of that.

Don’t write it as if a group of people will be reading it. If you are sending your emails to a qualified and segmented list, you can write them and they will feel like they are written directly to them.

6. Send emails when your audience is most likely to open them.  While research has shown that Tuesday mornings at 8am work best for most businesses to send emails, every business is a little different. Try it out with your audience. Find out what works best, then send emails reliably at that time.

Your audience will begin to expect your emails and, since you are providing value, they will look forward to them. This kind of predicability will increase your open rates, click rates, and overall engagement.

7. Don’t send an email just to send an email. We all know how important your emails are to your launch success.  It’s important to remember that, while your goal is to generate leads for your sales team, your reader needs to get some value out of your email as well. Even if they don’t buy.

Statistics say it takes 8 contacts before a prospect will take the next step. So just because they aren’t responding to your email this time doesn’t mean they aren’t still going to be a great lead.  You are building relationships with every email you send.

8. Stay away from the 4 email killers. There are 4 words that are used so often in email they have become red flags for most readers, and they will tank your open rates!  They are Free, Help, % off, and Reminder.

These four words are used so frequently in emails, and come across as so salesy, that they are an immediate turn-off to most readers.  DO NOT use them in your subject lines, and use them sparingly in your emails.

9. Send emails before your launch. If you aren’t building relationships with your list on a regular basis, you will have no relationship with them when it comes time to send launch emails.

People will see your launch emails as salesy, they will report you as Spam and your deliverability will plummet. You will have no credibility with your audience, and they will know you only reach out to them when you want something.

Remember, you always need to nurture your leads so your sales team has someone to sell to when you have a launch.

10. Make it mobile responsive. 28% of emails are opened on mobile devices. That means, if you are sending emails that are difficult to read on a mobile device, you are ignoring 25%-30% of your list.

Most email services have moved into the mobile responsive era, but it doesn’t hurt to double check. It would be unfortunate to exclude such a large portion of your hard earned subscribers for such a simple thing.

11. Check, double-check, and triple-check for accuracy. Something as simple as attaching the wrong document, including a link that doesn’t work, or having a sales page that isn’t functioning can kill your lead gen campaign before it even starts.

Once you lose people by not paying attention to details you may never get some of them back. Showing your prospects that you care about the details lets them know you will care about them. 

Lead generation drives your success

If generating leads is your top priority, during a launch or any other time, then you need to look at all aspects of your lead generation campaign. By improving your open rates you are saving money on advertising expenses, decreasing your cost per lead, increasing your customer value, and giving your sales team qualified leads to follow up with.

We all know that lead generation is the single most important thing for any business, online or offline, to master.  Try these 11 things. Test out what works and what doesn’t. Make notes and move forward.

I’d love to hear if you have done other things to increase your open rates. What have you found is the most powerful tool?