Jim Padilla on Learn How To Prospect and Sell From This Sales Expert

Tips on how to prospect and sell from Jim Padilla
-I think everybody is part of the sales process. The problem is most people don’t know that.
-Sales are more about understanding your audience than it is the actual transaction size.
-Sell them your product only if it fits because we don’t ever want to compromise the experience for the sake of the sale.
-We don’t work a ton on scripts… The thing that we find for most people is you’re so focused on following the script that you’re not following your instincts.
-I’m constantly focused on what their thought process is. What’s the strategy they’re using to try to move this person into some clarity to make a great decision?
-We’re really clear about who we serve. We have a strong red velvet rope process and we don’t let people in who don’t cross that.
-You should only be selling to people who are fully converted on the concept that they must do something about their problem.
-Anytime somebody says, “This is how you have to do it,” you’re already wrong because, in today’s marketplace, there are a billion ways to do it.

Link to Interview: http://www.dougmorneau.com/podcasts/84?SRC=JIM-PADILLA