Jim Padilla on Binge Networks Live Show – INFLUENCERS

I met someone that YOU need to know.

As soon as I met her we connected right away. I immediately knew I needed to get to know her better!
She’s smart, driven, successful. Shes all about promoting experts and giving them a platform – please meet Bonnie Bruderer.

We have a mutual respect for each other as people, as leaders and as fellow action takers and results makers.
I love who she is and I know you will too. Check out our interview we did together on her show. I share some insights on sales mastery and being the kind of leader people follow willingly. You will want to subscribe to her channel for sure.

You may be enticed to check out her platform and get some distribution for your own video and audio content: https://www.bingechannels.com/?ref=jimpadilla