Jim Padilla on How to Boost Influence and Conversion Rates – In Just 7 Minutes

Knowing your core gift is valuable. Understanding how it helps you serve your clients optimally is essential.

When I was growing up if you knew how to work with computers it created an advantage, but it was not required. Now if you cannot operate in the digital age–you don’t stand a chance of success in business!

Knowing your sweet spot is similar. It used to be if you knew your sweet spot it was an advantage, being good at what you do was good enough. Now if you cannot zero in on your sweet spot you don’t stand a chance of success in business!

Listen in at Marketing the Invisible https://www.leadsology.guru/podcast/how-to-boost-influence-and-conversion-rates-in-just-7-minutes-with-jim-padilla/ cool 8 minute format; while my friend Tom Poland dives into my specialty and how important it is to know your sweet spot so you can set yourself apart and win in business! {{You may like his accent a bit as well 😉 }}