Jim Padilla on Why Mindset Is The Secret Weapon To Sell More

Most people think sales is about saying the right thing, about following the right 10-step process, 5-step system and the right formula. And if you believe all of that, you’re missing the mark. It’s about who you’re being in the process. How you show up. What you truly believe about your ability to solve problems for the people you’re talking to. It’s about being sold out and committed to wanting what’s best for them. And most of that starts with a belief set. It starts with what you believe and how you think, not about the process you’re following and the words you’re saying.

In this interview with Nina Cooke we unpack that and we go deep. Listen to this interview, take to heart some of the lessons. It will change the game of sales for you and how you show up from this point forward.

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Link to Interview: http://ninacooke.co.uk/jim-padilla-reveals-why-mindset-is-the-secret-weapon-to-sell-more/#more-1602