Do you suffer from launch paralysis?

Do you suffer from launch paralysis?  Are you spending so much time thinking about your launch that you aren’t actually launching?  Is creating strategy taking all of your energy, yet you still aren’t moving forward with your launch?

This is a common challenge for entrepreneurs. We can get so caught up in planning our launch that we put off actually launching.  

It’s true. Putting together a well thought out launch strategy is critical to the success of any launch. And preparing for all the steps of your launch will ensure you are ready for surprises as they inevitably come up.

But none of this planning will do you any good if you don’t follow it up with action.

And taking action involves risk.  Committing to implementing what you have planned for. Risking success, or lack thereof, so you can move forward. Taking the jump to see if your plan works.

There are several things you can do to take action on your plan.

  • Get an accountability partner. Find a colleague who is willing to be your accountability partner. They will help keep you on task and make sure you are making progress toward your goals.
  • Put the date on your calendar. By committing to a date, and sharing it with your colleagues and accountability partners, you are making sure you don’t stay forever stuck in analysis mode.
  • Get your team ready for your launch. Hire or train your team to get them ready for your launch. Get them ALL the information about the product being launched, and the offer being made. Make sure that they feel totally comfortable with everything you are offering.
  • Hire needed team members to make your launch a success. It is more important than ever to have a fully trained team in place for your launch. A team who understands you and your brand, your products and offers, and who is totally on board for the requirements of your launch. If your team isn’t ready, or able, to support you, consider outsourcing areas of your team that need support.
  • Give clear direction to your team. Without clear direction your team will improvise.  If you want to make sure every piece turns out exactly the way you want it to, be clear about telling them what you want.

Bottom line is in order to have a successful launch, you MUST take action!  Set a date, share it with others, and get the word out. Let your community hold you accountable. Allow your colleagues and friends to help you reach your goals.

Your launch elements may not be perfect, but they will be instructive. You will undoubtedly make mistakes, and you can learn from them. Each launch will improve. Each time you’ll do better and have more success.

Surround yourself with a team of experts who can support you.  Experts in all areas of your launch who can work with you to get as many pieces in line as possible before the big day…then just do it!

Take the first step today. Share your launch dates and info on our Facebook page. Allow our community to support you in your launch.  We want to see you soar!