You lead domino will change your business

Identify your lead domino and change your business?

I’d like to share something with you that will change your business.  Take just 2:33 and watch this video.


You may wonder why I asked you to watch this.  

Candidly, it’s a video I love and have been watching for a while now.  It shares an important theory that can totally change the face of your business.

When you are looking at your business and your goals for the upcoming months and years, and you are thinking about the changes you’d like to make and the growth you’d like to achieve, one of the most useful and impactful things you can do it identify the lead domino that will make a difference.

What one thing can you do that will cause a domino effect within your business?  How can you make a simple change and experience massive results?

Is it upgrading your technology?  Adding a new product or service to your suite of offers? Outsourcing a key piece of your business to reduce training and overhead costs?

Whatever that one thing is, that lead domino that will impact your business…that is the thing you need to change.  

Remember, what you are looking for are big results. As entrepreneurs we often confuse ourselves and think if we want big results, we have to make big changes. And that is simply not the case.  

Quite often, the most impactful thing we can do for our business is make a small change that will have ripple effects.

What single change can you make in your business today that will have ripple effects on your entire business?