Jim Padilla on Leads Made Easy

“What? Leads made easy?? Don’t tell me you have another perfect lead generation system.  the perfect funnel fb ad strategy…I’ve tried them all.  And I’m sick of hearing it!” … You may be thinking.

That’s good to hear, because so am I. There’s nothing wrong with the systems and strategies that all the marketing experts are sharing.  Many of them work fantastically! Several of them are my friends, clients and peers.  And they do great work, but do they work for everyone?

The problem is not everyone has the risk tolerance it can take to ramp up effective marketing. We speak to dozens of people every week and its clear there are some problems out there, and you may be experiencing some of these yourself:


  • I don’t have a CONSISTENT flow of qualified leads into my business which leads to INCONSISTENT revenue
  • My calendar is full of activities instead of potential client conversations
  • People show up to speak with me, but they are often unclear of exactly why they are there
  • I simply can’t afford to throw money at marketing plans that may or may not get an ROI, despite the millions of online experts promising they have the 1 true answer.
  • I lack the discipline and the know-how to continue to generate new leads
  • Biggest problem:  I don’t like to generate leads, yet my business cannot survive without them.

Solution   Find a lead generation strategy that works predictably to put qualified prospects on my calendar who are eager to find out more and show up ready to buy.

“Great Jim!  How the heck do I do that?”

If you’re reading this, you likely don’t have a consistent flow of people showing up wanting to buy from you, or a strategy to make it happen. Maybe you don’t even believe this is possible.

It’s frustrating for me as a leader to see so many talented and brilliant people who just never get the chance to really make their mark!  I want to help and inspire you to make it happen. I’m not the biggest, strongest, fastest, smartest anything.  I’ve just watched what everyone else was doing and started to do some things differently.  I found experts who were making it happen and latched on to what they do—and damned if it didn’t work for me as well!

What’s possible

My wife Cyndi and I own a sales organization and are known for our outsourced sales teams. We have been blessed with a great business and a great reputation for delivering results.  One fact not everyone knows is that we earned well over $2 million in revenue before we spent our first dollar on marketing. And we are teaching clients how to do this now with great success.

I remember my econ teacher in college said you should treat marketing like the stock market; only bet what you can afford to lose (because it’s no guarantee). I believe you should have cashflow before you invest in inbound marketing strategies because there are so many variables.

The truth is you must have some bandwidth and risk tolerance. This is exactly what Cyndi and I are teaching our clients and what we want to share with you now!

What I’m trying to tell you, my friend, is that we have mastered such a strategy.  You see, at the moment I’m writing this article (on a Sunday evening), I have 9 appointments on my calendar this coming week to speak about hiring my company for services.  I average a dozen each week. I plan for 7.

Are you curious yet?  Do I have your attention?

If you’re still reading this, I am boldly assuming that I am resonating with you on some level.  Perhaps making A LOT of sense to you.  That’s because I understand the journey you’re on.  I’m on it too, just further down the road than you are.

I find that most people I talk to are not terribly far off track. They just need a tweak.  The key is getting the right adjustment, from the right person, looking from the right place.  My guess is you’ve tried many other strategies without the success you desire.

This strategy is about understanding that the sales conversation begins at “hello” and does not end until they leave your world.  You need to understand the journey they are on implicitly and be able to speak to it clearly, concisely, and effectively so it meets them where they are and catapults them where they need to go from there.

The good news is I have created a great way for you to learn this exact strategy… and it’s fun!  Are you ready?

We are running a 5-day challenge to show you how to do it and to get your butt in action! The Leads Made Easy 5 Day Challenge: https://salesunscripted.com/leads-made-easy

No leads, No Sales, No Business, No impact in the world = pretty simple equation.

Don’t mess around with this anymore.  The only way you should not be joining us for this challenge is if your calendar is already full every week (on purpose and by design) with qualified leads who show up wanting to buy.

Let’s roll! Jump into The Leads Made Easy 5 Day Challenge: https://salesunscripted.com/leads-made-easy

In 5 short days I will unpack a specific lesson each day that will unveil my powerful profitable strategy and show you a whole new reality for your business.

You are guaranteed to learn some new insights, be motivated to execute on them and have a great time doing it!  Looking forward to joining us for Leads Made Easy!  https://salesunscripted.com/leads-made-easy

Thank you for allowing me to be part of your success team!