Make More Sales by Losing the Win Win

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When you show up at your best, everything else lines up

Why do we live in an environment these days where there is something wrong with you if you are not giving it all away?

I am all about giving as much value as humanly possible.  I love to over deliver! In order to give your best you must be your best.  You are not your best when you decide to come in at half capacity.

So why the emphasis on “win-win”?  I understand the intention behind it, but it is wrong think.  Win-win implies equality. No two people are equal. In order for both parties to be equal, someone has to deliver less than their best.  And why would I want a deal from you that delivers less than your best? Or you from me?

Webster defines compromise as:  an agreement or a settlement of a dispute that is reached by each side making concessions.

So how about you give your best and so do they. Don’t hold back.  Pour yourself into any engagement you are a part of. Just like a sales conversation.  You should be showing up as your very best self so you can help them get there. If you are giving everything you have to be present and real for them. It means doing all you can to prepare for them.  Doing research, fine tuning your sales skills, nailing your offer. and HOLDING NOTHING BACK!