More back of room sales by leaving money on the table

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If you want more money, don’t try to get all you can right now.

“But Jim, you don’t get it.  I am barely getting by. I need to maximize every deal.  I have to get back in the black or I’m gonna lose it! I need to make money now!!”

I’m right there with you.  I am sharing a perspective with you that changed the trajectory of our business.  It will change how you do business too if you embrace it!

I know conventional wisdom says once you’ve got a prospect in front of you, make it happen!  Yes! Please do. Just don’t make it all happen right now. The marketplace is thundering with people saying

“Charge what you’re worth”
“Go big, stop playing small”
“If people are buying the price is too low”

Blah blah blah…

Be sure to watch the video see why that is problematic. 

I have no problem with getting what you can from a deal.  Just never at the expense of what you can create in the long term.  If you feel like “you won” in the deal, then that likely means they feel like “they lost”.  You may get the sale now, but you will lose the next sale, the good will, the referrals and likely even this client getting the desired result.

Check in with yourself on a couple of key concepts:

  1. Make sure you understand what you need to make from a deal at a minimum
    1. To be profitable
    2. To feel good about it
    3. Stretch yourself to deliver an incredible amount
    4. Leave clear room for your next steps
  2. Know what is the max that feels good and right for you
    1. Challenges you to deliver your level best
    2. Give you an enhanced reward for your efforts
    3. Still be able to over-deliver
    4. Be clear about future possibilities

Charge what you’re worth.  But remember they want to feel good about their purchase as well.  We all love to buy, nobody wants to be sold.

Go change some lives!