Can you really outsource your sales team?

When most of us think of outsourcing we think of hiring great VAs, graphic designers, web developers and people to handle other administrative and technical tasks.  This is common place in our industry, and odds are good you are already doing that.

But what about your sales team?  Can you really outsource your sales team and still get successful results?

The answer is yes!  

With a few caveats.

Your sales team drives the revenue of your business.  They are often the first contact your prospects have with your company and set the tone for the relationship they will have with you.  

They, very literally, hold the future of your business in their hands.

And because of that they must be highly qualified, extremely experienced, constantly trained, and operate with the highest level of integrity.

You may wonder how to find a sales team like that.

The best way to find a team who can fill the bill is to interview them like you would any other team member, with a few tweaks to your interview process.  

What to ask a potential sales team

  1. What services do you provide? There is nothing worse than hiring a team and finding out later they don’t offer what you want/need them to do.
  2. Who will be talking to my clients and prospects? Find out who will actually be working with your clients. Who will be representing your company?  Will it always be the same person/people, or will it be a revolving door of sales people?
  3. What training have your salespeople had? Ask what kind of training the salespeople get. Inquire not just about their initial training, ask about ongoing training as well.  How comfortable are they in your industry?  Are they familiar with your industry’s lingo?
  4. What technology do they use? If your business is built heavily on video chat and interaction it will be important for you to make sure that your sales team is comfortable with Skype and video calls.  If you only use chat, you will want to make sure to use that feature.
  5. What do they need from you to be successful? Remember to ask them what they need from you to be successful. What programs do they need access to? How will they learn your voice and your message? What material do they need to consume to be so comfortable with you and your offerings that they could answer any question that comes up.
  6. Who else have they worked with? Find out who else, in your industry, they have worked with. Who have they had success with? While it’s not essential that they have worked with someone in your industry in the past, it’s good to know before you start working together.
  7. What makes them special. Ask them what makes their team different than any other?  Let them share their successes with you. Give them a chance to brag.  You will likely find out things you might not have known about them that will be valuable to you.  

Outsourcing your sales team could be one of the most impactful things you do for your business this year!  It can not only save you money and time, it can also increase your conversions, reduce your cost of client acquisition, and increase your initial customer value.  

By asking the right questions, and approaching the transition with preparation and clear expectations you can see your sales and revenue skyrocket this year.  Whether you are looking to outsource your sales for an event, a launch, or your company in general, this could be one of the smartest decisions you make!