Are You Frustrated With the Results of Your Sales Team, Even Though You Personally Like Them A Lot?

Learn the Proven Process for Developing a ROCKSTAR Sales Team that Will Increase Your Impact, Skyrocket Your Revenue and Give You The Freedom to Focus On Your Brilliance

Stop trying to MAKE Sales & Understand The Business of Sales!

A masterful sales team is not born it is cultivated!  

If you think hiring raving fans, other coaches, a few outsource sales 'professionals' is going to make a difference in your bottom line the truth is you are mistaken!

But my guess is you already know this... hence why you are here.  You are frustrated with the results, you have great product / service, but you can't seem to get your sales team past a specific conversion thresh hold.

And I know why... it's you! (But it doesn't have to be.)

But before I tell you about the Strategic Sales System I have developed... lets ensure your not wasting your time reading through this page 🙂

My Strategic Sales System is custom built for these scenarios:

  • You have a proven product or service but need to engage more team to execute the conversations
  • You have a solid lead structure but your sales conversions suck (oh sorry, don't meet desired expectations)
  • You feel like you spend a chunk of time 'chasing' the sale, prospects, new revenue and believe there has to be an easier way
  • You are ready to hire a sales team but not sure where to start and how to equip them to successfully sale your product/service
  • You have a sales team but feel like you carry the LOAD of ensuring revenue targets are hit every month (this is truly exhausting)
  • Your growth is bottlenecked around you being on the phone or at events (after all you can only work 18hrs a day because 6 hours of sleep you have found is your tipping point of crazy)
  • Your revenue, team and conversions are great, but you would love a strategic system as a process so you can continue to grow (and don't have time or desire to develop it)


Finding and Hiring a Sales Team is NOT the Same as Developing a Business That Sales!


The problem with just hiring a sales team without incorporating a core proven process is that the lid of your revenue is dependent on the mindset, skillset and experience of the person you just hired!

That is a scary thought... how many years have you worked to expand your mindset, deepen your skillset and invested in your experiences to get you where you are today.

Now all the time, money and growth is handed over to a person who at best just 'sold' you on their skillset.  Or at worse, who you really like on a personal level so thought you would let them be the voice of your brand...

So you make the hire and sit back and wait for the money to roll in.

But it doesn't...

Next, you set goals and targets and try to PUSH your team to meet the quota (after all isn't this how the big sales companies do it)


Oh you might get a few sales here and there... mainly because your team can take orders with the best of them. Meaning, someone who already wants to buy, already has their mind made up, hops on the phone with your team and they take the order. (By the way, this isn't sales!)

But you don't give up you increase the incentive (now you are loosing profit, just so your team makes a sale)... sure a new incentive tends to generate energy and you will likely get a few bursts of revenue from it. But then... back to crickets.

You see what is happening here is everything is pivoting on... you!  Your best guess, your 'do it like everyone else', your 'throw spaghetti on the wall and see what sticks'...