This Disturbing Trend in Marketing is Costing You

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Everyone believes their leads are highly qualified.  You probably do too.

And you know what, they just might be.  Wouldn’t you rather know for sure?

I speak to 100s of people about sales strategy for their launches and live events.  We always work the conversation around to the clarity of the experience for their people prior to signing up for their programs.

Here’s the thing. It’s almost never as good as you think it is…or as bad.

The key challenges I see: (pay attention, see if these apply to you)

  • You are emotionally invested (and mildly attached) to the process that is leading them down the path.
  • You have not actually put yourself through the experience as the end user
  • You assume that your potential clients are actually engaging every part of your funnel or sequence.
  • You are trying to capture too much too fast. (too early in the relationship with you)
  • Pouring a 90/10 relationship into capturing sales on the front end. 90% of your effort is placed on capturing sales as soon as possible

Solutions we’ve implemented effectively:

  • Honest, unbiased, non judgemental review of your process (beginner’s mind)
  • Walk through each component of the engagement run up to your offering.  Ensure the look and feel you are desiring your people to have is actually being delivered
    • Factor in, that they are likely to miss a step or 2 along the way?
    • Does it ruin the experience for them?
    • Does it leave too big a whole for them to catch up?
    • What if they don’t engage right away?
    • What if they dont buy right away?
    • What if they just need to see/feel more?
  • Our experience is that 10% is actually a high number in relationship to the effort spent on back end experience.
    • Takes time
    • Takes trust
    • Takes resources

PLAY THE LONG GAME.  Are you planning on being here in business next year?  5 years from now? Then start running your business and marketing strategies as if you are.  Keep one eye on what’s happening next.

QUIT SENDING “Dear Everyone” emails and posts.  No really. Quit it! I’m talking to you. 🙂 You are literally destroying your opportunities to serve people powerfully later.  YOU CAN HAVE A GREATER LEVEL OF INFLUENCE WITH THE MARKETPLACE IF YOU GIVE IT MORE TIME

Thanks for hanging in there. I realize this hit a little close to home for you…or it should have.

Reach out and lets have a conversation about what’s happening with your pre-client experience.  I’m happy to give some insight. Grab a spot on my calendar here…