To know what they want, just ask..and you’ll make more sales

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Our team has 100s and 1000s of sales conversations every month.  Via telephone, face to face at live events, online in chats and other strategies.

Something we see as a constant growing trend is that; simply put…the truth sells.  Why? Because we are wired to deliver it and wired to receive it.

Jesus said it first: “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” ~ John 8:32

We are created to be in constant connection with each other as humans, with nature and with God.  We are wired to hear the truth. We are magnetically drawn to it. When its speaking we are compelled by it…even if we don’t like what it is saying.

Often we may need to run from it, or hide, or be angry first.  Eventually we come around to it.

It is no different when speaking with a potential client in a sales conversation.  No different in your marketing. Or when working with your team or family.

We find that the more we share the truth from a place of compassion and understanding for what the other person needs, it is powerful.  The problem usually comes in 2 forms.

  1. We often get confused with trying to pound a message and be heard with getting clarity and seeking to hear.
  2. We incorrectly wear the responsibility of how the message is received.  You can only share the message and ensure it was heard correctly. The rest is up to them.  You cannot control what I do with your message to me.

Here’s the way we solve those:

  1. Being crystal clear with yourself that you have NO agenda besides achieving clarity with the other person.  No really. Dont tell yourself you have this down if you do not. It’s not a once and for all situation. It’s a constant journey of self discovery.
  2. Make an agreement with yourself that you will start asking questions of people when then arise.  No more shoulding all over yourself. “I should have said xxx!”
  3. Be sure to imagine the least desired outcome before the conversation and be ok with it. “What’s the worst thing that can happen?”  “Can I survive it?” “YES!”
  4. Think through the possible outcomes and have a place for them to land whichever way they go.  (ie. an intro you can make, a referral, a resource, etc.)

I know you may see this as unreasonable or even difficult.  You may even think you’re already doing it. I am asking you to try this anyway.  Then let me know how it goes.

I would love to hear if you are already working this way or not.