Treat them like a client before they are one and they are more likely to become one.

Are you creating the environment for success for the team and for your prospects?
Most of you are pretty good at making sure your personal environment is set for success prior to a sales conversation (though I am sure it can be more dialed in). What are you doing to ensure that the people who show up on the phone to speak to your sales team are fully engaged and prepared for something great?

Are just grateful that they showed up at all? Or are you actually expecting them to show up expecting the best from you?

Are they showing up saying “prove yourself” “show me something” are you setting your team up to convince people to work with you?

Are you laying the groundwork for people to expect to show their best so they can qualify to work with you?

Here’s a couple of simple steps to help make that happen:
1) stop giving away “free coaching sessions” and start setting people up for a powerful conversation that is designed to help them see what is next best step and determine if you can help them with that. When they know the context coming in, they can prepare for that quality conversation.

2) Give them an idea of what is possible for them if they show up at their best in the call. Share how amazing or sacred your community is and the type of people who thrive in it.

3) position your team as the gatekeepers of the community. They are here to ensure the only people that come in are fully committed to the end goal and to do the work. Evaluate potential clients to see if they have the standards that will add to the quality of the environment vs just seeking what they can get from it.

Most people show up feeling a little lacking or incomplete in your area, tough to make great decisions from that position. Help them level up and make great decisions from that place!

Treat them like a client before they are one and they are more likely to become one.