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Revealing what REALLY Goes on Behind Big Launches and Sales Campaigns.
This inside scoop isn't being taught anywhere else...

I’m saying OUT LOUD what REALLY goes on behind big launches and sales campaigns and the mistakes you never want to make.

I’m revealing what experts say should work for you, but may not work for YOUR BUSINESS. After expending tremendous effort on a launch that fails, you may be left wondering why?!

Our company, Gain the Edge, gets up close and personal with Multi-Million Dollar launch strategies.

Through our services our clients get the RESULTS they desire to be successful in these online launch and sales initiatives because:

We see it ALL.  

We hear it ALL.

We analyze it ALL.  

We shift and pivot from ALL real time data.

We continually apply what we learn across ALL clients.

And I am pulling back the curtain to share these UNCENSORED TRUTHS!


This insight is invaluable and I'm here to share these unique insights with you!

It’s an insight that no one else has.  

What this means to you?  Nothing, unless your ALL isn’t getting you the results you desire.


Specialized launch and sales strategies gain us the EDGE ensuring our clients execute successful launches.

Simply put… I know what you don’t.


As much as I want to give you the ‘here’s what I am sharing’ to entice you to join for this FIRST TIME EVER REVEALED TRAINING.


I am not going to… why:  because it can only be revealed LIVE!


60 Min Training Revealing what REALLY Goes on Behind Big Launches and Sales Campaigns.


1 Hour UNCENSORED Input Session
Real Talk for Real Results
(Be ready for the truth!  We will have a candid conversation about
your strategies that WILL create bigger results.)

One Payment of $697


The reality is this:

Launches and sales campaigns are not working for everyone and I know WHY.


If you want to know WHY your last launch or sales campaign was a flop... and how to ensure your next one is a huge success this is a CANNOT miss opportunity.


Very seldom do we have the opportunity to reveal the uncensored truth behind what is working and not working, and that’s what you will hear on this call.


You may think you’re taking risks, being direct and clear while making big leaps, but you’re not.  There are some things missing.


Hint:  It's more than the 'right' formula or strategy.  There is a component that no one is talking about that is being missed and it is costing some thousands of dollars in investment and potentially millions in revenue.

So here’s the thing… it’s not:

  • That you don’t have the right list
  • That you don’t have the right information
  • That you aren’t showing up at the right place
  • That your business doesn't have the right structure, team, processes, technology
  • That you have missed the marketing verbiage and didn’t connect


Any one of these things could be an issue but NONE of them are keeping you from a successful launch / sales campaign.

On this call, I’m going to tell some naked truths about what you can change.

It is time you get the results you desire, and YOU CAN get those results but maybe not without this inside scoop on what makes them REALLY happen.


DO NOT try and 'model' the marketers without the information I am sharing on the training, it will cost you thousands of dollars in Facebook ads, marketing materials, etc... and you simply WILL NOT get the results you targeted.  I have seen this happen over and over again.  Be on this call and gain a superior EDGE.