What kind of service are you providing?

Customer Service. Client Care. Either way there is one fact no one can deny…this is one of the most important roles in your company during a launch!

Your client care rep will be very busy during your launch. Used wisely they will help you from the early stages of planning your launch through execution and follow up.

They are your front line!  They have more interaction with your clients than anyone else in your company, and because of that they know more about what makes people happy with your company and what needs improvement. They understand the inner workings of your business, what your goals and aspirations are, and they are your partner in making sure your clients, new and old, are thrilled to be working with you!

They also help raise the lifetime value of every client by making sure they experience phenomenal care and service. Which means they directly impact your lifetime ROI for any of your marketing.

This is yet another way they directly impact the results of your launch.

So, how can you improve how they impact your clients?  Are there things they can do that will change the experience your prospects and clients have with you and your brand? Is there something that others in your business can do to change the experience of your clients?

There is.

It is simple, but it will make a huge impact on your business!

And it has to do with the way you, and your team, approach service.

When you change your mindset away from “customer service” and move it to “being of service” you are completely changing the experience of everyone you do business with.

Let’s look at an example.

When speaking with a client, or a prospect, or even a team member, rather than asking how you can help them, imagine how they will feel if you truly dive into their purpose, their goals and get them to connect with you and your brand. Imagine how “heard” they will feel, knowing that working with you and your team is about more than you helping them.

It’s about you “hearing” them.

When you implement this in your business, as a thread that runs through your entire business, you will notice improvement at all levels. Your team will be more loyal and committed. Your clients will be more connected.

This means higher sales, higher team retention, fewer refund requests, and higher satisfaction ratings by clients and team.

This kind of business culture is one of many steps that will take your launch, and your business, from average to exceptional. It’s the kind of game changer that will have your sales team closing sales and reaching their goals. And it will have testimonials rolling in with regularity and excitement!