How to provide a WOW experience for your clients

We’ve all heard the term. Provide a WOW experience for your clients and they will become your raving fans!  They will tell all their friends about you and you will have more clients than you can ever service.

But just how do you provide that WOW experience? What can you do, without sacrificing your profits, to let the client know how much you value and appreciate them and to leave them feeling like you are their favorite business ever?

There are several things you can do, but you have to start at the beginning.

What can you do to provide a WOW client experience

Start by asking your clients what they want.  Find out what their goals are, where their pain points are, and what keeps them awake at night.  Really listen to their answers.  Don’t listen with product creation in mind.

Listen with client experience in mind.

Listen to the pieces that will give you hints about what they are looking for.  Look for small things you can do that will mean a lot.  If your clients mention feeling like they have no voice, give them a voice. Offer an answering service that will answer the phone when they call.  Share a suggestion email that is always responded to. Interact with them on social media.

On the other hand, if your clients talk about being overwhelmed with emails, give them the choice of receiving full emails or digests summarizing important emails.  Ask them how they would like to be communicated with, and honor those requests. Communicate with them via social media.

Any small thing you can do to let them know you hear them, and that you care about what they say, will help increase the WOW factor in their experience.

The pieces you put into place don’t need to be obvious. They can be subtle.  Just enough to speak to them. To make them feel heard, understood, and cared for.

Respond to their requests. Listen with an open heart. Most people will tell you what they want if they are given the opportunity.

Once they’ve told you the ball is in your court. It is your turn to give it to them.