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In its inaugural episode, your host Jim Padilla, discusses the purpose of the Opportunity Makers podcast which aims to showcase interviews to demonstrate with leading entrepreneurs that share how they impact the world by creating opportunities for themselves and others, which leads to a self-perpetuating cycle of opportunity creation. Learn to lean into problems and create opportunities to become the person who creates positive momentum & outcomes for themselves and others.

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Jim Padilla is the founder and CEO of Gain The Edge – a done-for-you provider of industry-leading sales systems and unicorn sales professionals which he co-heads with his wife and entrepreneurial partner-in-crime, Cyndi Padilla.

Through their unique blend of laser-targeted selling systems, inspirational team-building expertise, and 60+ years of combined sales experience – Jim and his wife have generated over 1/4 bn in sales for a long line of high-level, visionary entrepreneurs.

Jim’s mission is to help purpose-driven thought-leaders untangle themselves from the day-to-day minutiae of seeking leads and sales for their business so they’re free to amplify their impact.

When Jim’s not making dollars rain down from the sky, you’ll regularly find him at the driving range – hitting a bucket of balls. Jim credits his time on the driving range as the main source of his best ideas.

Recently relocated back to California, Jim & Cyndi are immersing themselves in family time with their three daughters & four (soon to be five) grandchildren.

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Jim Padilla:

Welcome to the Opportunity Makers podcast is the show that provides insights, ideas, connections to business leaders, and pioneers seeking to thrive in a contracting market. Join us as we explore the strategies, tips, techniques for creating exponential opportunities in areas of investing, coaching, consulting, and business growth, featuring all kinds of insights and strategy and data on things you haven't even thought about in growing your business, including fantastic interviews, exclusive interviews with people who are leaders of industry, in business and entrepreneurship, including such names as Kevin Harrington, from Shark Tank, Mark Victor Hansen, from Chicken Soup for the Soul, the incomparable Les Brown, and many, many more. And I can't wait to share those with you, as they roll through here in the podcast in the interviews, let me tell you a little bit about me, because I'm wondering, why am I here? And why should you be listening? My name is Jim Padilla And I'm a global impact strategist. And my wife and I and our team, we spend our time diving into companies to provide systems strategy, support sales teams, to bring opportunities that connect you to the people that you serve, in your community and around the world. And right here is going to tell you a little bit more about what happens with the kind of work that we do when people actually do hire us just so you have a little bit of insight on what that can be like.

Jim Padilla:

As a lifelong entrepreneur, I've always been a visionary. The person who dreams strategizes creates solutions to problems, and has ideas to bring businesses forward.

Cyndi Padilla:

Jim is the visionary and I am the brains and catalyst for expansion in our organization. After a long career in retail leadership, I realized I wanted a new challenge. This challenge presented itself as a business filled with passion and service, not only for our clients, but for the people that are transforming their lives with their products and services.

Jim Padilla:

In 2014. After delivering a million dollar launch, we decided that assisting other entrepreneurs by creating high level sales teams to boost their sales was the path that we wanted to follow. Since then, gain the edge has provided strategies and elite sales teams to hundreds of entrepreneurs to generate more than a quarter billion dollars worth of launches, events and sales campaigns.

Cyndi Padilla:

We provide solutions that free the business owners from having to spend their time generating leads and running sales in their businesses,

Jim Padilla:

we analyze the sales flow build tailor made strategies along with their sales team to expand their reach and the revenue.

Cyndi Padilla:

For most of our prospective clients. It's hard for them to believe that someone from outside of their business can step into their company and understand their audience.

Jim Padilla:

It's hard for them to grasp that someone can sell the way that they can. Or even better. Most people believe that their leads are better than they actually are. And most salespeople just think that they're better than they really are.

Cyndi Padilla:

We provide the magic that improves all of that. After going through a primary analysis, our team will work together hand in hand with our clients to provide consistent, qualified booked appointments. We build systems and processes to ensure the sales team follows up from the first call to the completion of the sale.

Jim Padilla:

Our team's sole responsibility is that revenue is generated every day.

Cyndi Padilla:

So if you are a mid six to seven figure entrepreneur that is committed to scaling and is recognized that it is not the best use of your time to be the head of sales and run a sales team.

Jim Padilla:

Reach out to us at gimpy three Schedule your sales team assessment call and determine how we can scale your business with our high performing sales teams. So an opportunity maker is somebody who spends your time serving people for the greater good. Someone who is striving for more, somebody who is always seeking to provide as much possible resource as possible. I have always been an opportunity maker. It's something that's always been in my lexicon. And in my vision because I've always seen that the best way that you can provide great impact in the world is really trying to connect the dots from people to from people who need solutions to the solutions that that are provided for them. As well as connecting through relationships and networks. It's amazing ICA is how many people live in the world in a in a transactional environment. And transaction is great. It's necessary transaction is living in the moment. But when you start creating opportunities when you started living as an Opportunity maker, which we'll be unpacking my objective here for you, is to witness opportunity makers as I bring them to you in interviews, and you'll be seeing the way that they impact the world around them by creating opportunities for themselves and others, and then completing the cycle by creating opportunity makers below them. So if you're at a place where you're creating opportunities for people who are creating opportunities for others, then you'd be start creating a cycle that is never ending, and is something that becomes self perpetuating, self fulfilling, and then everybody, the world gets a lot smaller, and much more interconnected. And the people who lean in to all of the problems that seem seem to be falling from the sky, in our world that we live in right now, where the media is driving, fear and doubt and anxiety all around us. Well, you don't want to be circling the wagons, circling the wagons is a dangerous place to be. Because when you circle the wagons, then all you what you do is you take what you have, and you're literally just squeezing onto it and hoping it doesn't run out. But when you lean in to the problems that are around you, and you start creating opportunity and seeking solution, then you start optimizing and maximizing those, those problems and those opportunities, you start finding ways through and to. And so immediately your perspective changes, because you start seeing what is possible, and what needs to be in play and who else needs to be involved, right, and you're going to start finding that you see things differently, and you attack problems differently. And then you become a person who doesn't see obstacles, you only see opportunities. And the more that that occurs, then the more you become in charge of your environment. And my ultimate goal is that you are at choice everywhere that you are and that you are never victim to the circumstances around you. But you're the one who creates the circumstances for you and other people.

Jim Padilla:

You know, I have a I'm a Christian, you'll learn more about that we'll talk about we'll have some Bible talk at times, we'll be talking about God and what's going on in the world and in the kingdom. But I am, I've always been very drawn to the story of Joseph in the Bible. And basically he was, you know, somebody who was called on, you know, gave out of vision by God shared it and his brothers were terrified, because they basically saw them, they saw themselves being put into second place like how dare this kid or youngest brother have a big grandiose vision. And so they immediately responded in fear. And they, they kidnapped him, they threw him in a pit. And then they sold them to a slave trade. And then he was gone off and rolling. And they were never far as they knew they were never going to see from hear from him again. And ultimately, if you know anything about the story, he does, you know, he ends up becoming a number one in all of Egypt, the second in command overseeing Pharaohs kingdom, because he was able to take some action, I won't spoil the story for you make sure you go read it in Genesis, but he he became the person who was in charge and command. And he didn't know right what was happening here, he just knew that he was serving God loyal loyalty. And all of these things kept happening, that were basically taking him off track. But one thing led to another and pretty soon he became the ultimate opportunity maker in all the land of Egypt, as he was overseeing all of all of the food sources, all of the distribution and everything that was going on in the world, the whole kingdom, everywhere. They were the world. And it ended up in a famine for seven years. And it was first seven years of feast, which then led to seven years of famine, and again, all orchestrated by God through these opportunities for Joseph. And what ends up happening is he becomes the person who is leading the whole kingdom, and his brothers come back and his family because that because they ended up meeting what he's got. And this became the way that God fulfilled on this vision. Right? So, similarity, and this is not that I see myself anointed by God, like Joseph in the Bible. But I have always fancied myself a bit of an opportunity maker in that same vein, in deal with the ability to open up the store houses, you know, it's an opportunity makers, somebody who can see opportunities, see, see something on the landscape that doesn't just serve you, but you can move to the opportunity and then throw it into other people. And so just like our outsourced sales organization, as one of the divisions of our company, we provide opportunities for other salespeople for other sales teams, other sales leaders, we partner, we have a network of companies that we partner with people in and put operators in place so that they have the opportunities to grow the business and we grow it through them. While we consult and advise, right everything that we do, we're always looking at how is this can be an opportunity for somebody else, who can then create an opportunity inside that business model for other people that can be beneficial for them, the communities that they serve, and the world around them at large. And I you know my My goal is that on this journey to inspire you to be the same, so that you can start seeing that when you step in and lean in and start grabbing and seizing the moment, seizing the opportunities around you, that you become the leader, you become the go to you become known as the expert in your space for the thing that you do and the problem that you solve and for the people you serve, and they all started looking to you, they start coming to you to say, Great, how can you help and where can we go, because too many people, they want to know, they really want to solve their problems, but they just don't have all of the solutions that you do, because of your expertise, because of your knowledge, because of the skill set the products and services that you provide and the connections that you bring. And that's what this that's what this journey is all about on the opportunity maker podcast, you're going to learn much more about that.