Mapping Out 2024: Insights from Our Entrepreneurial Journey | OM033

As we transition from 2023 to 2024, join me and my wife Cindy, the driving force behind our company, as we take a more personal approach and discuss how we enable companies to thrive, increase revenue, and embrace opportunities for exponential growth in the new year.

We’ll delve into our plans, expectations, and strategies for 2024, focusing on seizing opportunities in a changing world, and sharing our vision for both our clients and ourselves in this quickly changing landscape. 

About the Host:

Jim Padilla is the founder and CEO of Gain The Edge – a done-for-you provider of industry-leading sales systems and unicorn sales professionals which he co-heads with his wife and entrepreneurial partner-in-crime, Cyndi Padilla.

Through their unique blend of laser-targeted selling systems, inspirational team-building expertise, and 60+ years of combined sales experience – Jim and his wife have generated over 1/4 bn in sales for a long line of high-level, visionary entrepreneurs.

Jim’s mission is to help purpose-driven thought-leaders untangle themselves from the day-to-day minutiae of seeking leads and sales for their business so they’re free to amplify their impact.

When Jim’s not making dollars rain down from the sky, you’ll regularly find him at the driving range – hitting a bucket of balls. Jim credits his time on the driving range as the main source of his best ideas.

Recently relocated back to California, Jim & Cyndi are immersing themselves in family time with their three daughters & four (soon to be five) grandchildren.

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Jim Padilla:

Hey there, opportunity makers. Welcome to a new year and a new you. And of course, if you're listening to this at any point in time beyond the first week of January, they're just welcome. Welcome, glad you're here. Jim pedia so glad to be part of your journey. And, you know, again, we are we We're in the middle of a couple of episodes of we've been doing so much around amazing interviews with amazing humans and business owners and forward thinkers, industry giants and game changers. And it's come to our attention that people want to hear a little bit more of us speaking to you, problem solving, getting to know more about who we are what we do, and, and you know, what our thoughts and perspectives are not just what all of our, of our interviews and guests are, are thinking about. So we will be mixing much more of that in but we wanted to share thoughts. And so if you haven't, if you haven't listened to the last couple of episodes, please do go jump into those cups sharing some thoughts as we're, as we're wrapping up the end of year 2023 as we're talking, moving into 2024. And so if you're on these, as they're dropping, then you're with us, and Happy New Year, happy 2024 excited as the ball has dropped, and now we are moving towards great new things and great new expectations of what, what powerful opportunities, what incredible visions Do you have are 2024. And, you know, we, this episode that you're going to jump into is me and my wife, Cindy, if you've been only they've only been exposed to us through the through this opportunity makers podcast, then you have not had a chance to meet my wife, and she is my partner in all things. And she is the engine that drives this company. She's I'm the visionary and strategists and she is the one that moves things forward. She's great at getting team to perform, getting getting people to think differently, and getting things moving forward and done. So that that's where you know, she that that's actually how this conversation is, too. So we jump on here, we're just talking a little bit about what are we trying to accomplish? How are we helping companies become viable? How are we company helping businesses earn more revenue, what are the things we should be thinking about as you're moving into 2024 and setting the stage for some wildly exponential opportunities and growth, because that's all you should be thinking about this, you know, there, you can go on offense, and you can go on defense, in business and in life in any circumstance. And when you go on defense is typically designed to be short lived, you know, think about if you have money, if you ever have sand in your hand, right, and you pile of dirt and pick up a handful of sand and you hold on to it, you squeeze it, it's only gonna last so long. At some point, it's all it's going to dissipate, it's gonna You can't hold it in there forever. And you can't get any more and open and allows more to come in. Same thing with money, right? If I have $1, and I have $100 bill in my hand, I squeezed it. That $100 Bill, you can't grab it. But I can't do anything with it. If I'm squeezing it, I can't spend it, I can't invest it, I can't save it, I can't put it towards a cause I just hold on to it. So don't lose it. But that's not the most effective way to grow and expand. And so you can be moving on defense and protecting and you do going on defenses, things like not spending stupidly, maybe not incurring more debt than necessary, right, those things are smart, but they're going on offense is finding the opportunities that exist in a land of problems and challenges and obstacles that need to be overcome. And that's what we talked about. That's what we're about on this podcast that's with this. That's why we bring the interviews on this podcast that we do with people who've been extremely successful. Many who have exited companies have gone public, creating portfolio companies or just seeing and seizing the opportunities in the changing landscape around. And so this is just me getting to know you a little bit better. And, and talking a little bit about how you know, what are we doing in 2024? And what are we expecting with our clients and our partners and our colleagues. So I hope you enjoy the episode have a good time with it. And I hope you start seeing what it what what where you are viable, and where you're not in your business. That's, that's the key. And that's the main takeaway of what we're going to talk about here. So, live a 10x life, have a fabulous 2024 10x seeing who you are, what you're accomplishing what you're creating, and who you're serving a 10x impact and X revenue, have a TEDx life, and we'll see you on the next episode. Enjoy this one. As you know, it's amazing. There's this crazy thing that goes on because as a sales expert, I often just completely forget that some things that come easy to me are not as things that has come easy to everyone else. And I know we all get caught hoping that you're that's usually the thing you do so well is the thing that's just it has you have a certain level of unconscious competence to it. And so you just assume it's easy, because it's easy for you that it's easy for other people. And I just get sometimes stunned. I'm like, doesn't Don't people just know what I know? I mean, like, what's so special about what, and especially its sales, it's just sales, just sales. But that's like saying, well, it's just oxygen. I mean, without it, you're gonna die. So it's, by definition, it becomes necessary to everyone. Sales is the oxygen for your business, which means it's the oxygen for your growth, which means it's the oxygen for your movement for you creating your empire for you, changing lives for you changing the world for you doing all the things that you need to do. And so sales can mean, you know, I'll be honest, I just I downplay it so much, you know, I don't want to be known as a sales. Rep. You know, what's exciting about that. But I understand that, like sales is noble sales is service sales is powerful, it's important, it is vital, and extremely necessary to everybody's processing, no matter what it is you're doing in your life, you're selling all day long to everybody. And there are so many things that we do naturally, you are inept. And this is part of the reason why I don't take it as this I often just kind of shed and shine away from you know, why is this so special, what we do versus what most people do, it's just that most people don't know they do it, right? You sell all day, every day, everyone, you, here's what you do. That's how you got your what your spouse to marry you. That's how you get your kids to eat their broccoli before their dessert. That's how you get them to do their homework before they go play outside is how you get people to go watch a movie you thought was amazing. It's how you get everybody to go to Chinese instead of Mexican for dinner, whatever it is, it's all sales, it's always about sales. And

Jim Padilla:

I just want to make sure that you are consciously aware of what you're doing. So the difference is that we just want you to be able to do it on purpose, we want you to understand that you're creating an environment and opportunity for change and growth. Because at the end of the day, that's really where the sale happens. It's you're getting, you're moving somebody from a place of here's where I want to go, here's where I am. And there's a gap in between. And I need to be able to navigate that journey now. And many times we just think of sales as the transaction of I'm talking to you, and I'm offering you an opportunity for something new, something better a change, and you're buying it. And yes, technically, that's, that's what's going on. But there's everything else. In the meantime, there's are you what is the customer journey? What are all the things? What are all the problems that are going to be addressed or solved along the way? Who are all the people you've spoken to? We just got off a discus bet with a client who's converting an incredibly high rate in her business. And, you know, 90% on a regular basis, and last week was 100%. And there's so many things asked me involved, is it because they're great at sales? Sure, that's a part of it, things are, but it's when you are really supremely clear about who you serve. And you know, the problems that they have, you're clearly identifying the problem. They know that you know, their problems, because you understand them in ways that they don't even understand themselves at times, and you're literally just moving them on a journey where the natural byproduct the natural conclusion to the story you're telling is that they say yes, this is for me, and I get it, then that's what sales should be. You don't have to convince and hammer people should be a natural conversation for clarity, right, that commitment conversation. Somebody who's an ally, showing up saying, I got you. This is what's going on. And there's so many pieces on that journey. There's systems processes, foundations, structure, things that make it easy and simple to replicate the process. How many times have you done something in the sales game? How many times have you enrolled a client or got filled a room, done something amazing. But then you don't know why you couldn't replicate it, you couldn't do it again, because it wasn't documented wasn't systematized wasn't processed it was it. You don't have a training process, or technology or anything in place to be able to build that so that it is replicated. The whole goal is every time every time you're doing something, well. You want to be able to do it again, on purpose, and create the environment for that thing that happened. And every time you do something poorly, you want to create the environment for optimization. So that thing is either eliminated or up leveled and not done the same way but you have to make sure you know there's also So many moving parts, there's a lot of things that have to happen in order for a sale to happen to occur. And that's part of what we're we have these conversations where again, we are, you know, we've been blessed to generate multiple, nine figures worth of revenue for our clients run 1000s of sales conversations, average 25,000 sales conversations here. So we just see things that most people just will never see, we say more things in a year than most people will ever see in their entire lives in their business. And so we just want to share as much of that quality data and input and insights and strategies as we possibly can. So that's why we that's what these that's what these conversations are about is sharing,

Cindy Padilla:

oh, let's, let's talk about 10x versus 2x. And how that is really going to be necessarily that thought process, that ability to move through 2024 with that strategy, in your sales process. In your, in your growth, your growth business,

Jim Padilla:

right. It's your growth journey, you know, the whole focus, our company is focusing on teknicks. Right now, for several reasons. Number one, I tend to be a very big thinker and a big visionary strategist, I'm always like, what's possible? Not what can I do right now? And Sydney likes to be what's the next step? Right? How do we how do we make the set and the next step, effective, and predictable, so that we can actually do this thing well, and do it consistently. So we're a great combination in that realm. 10x The reason that I resonate so heavily with 10x and y, I will spell that story to you. And that case to you, is, first and foremost. 10x requires growth and change. So you can to x your business, you could to x your health up to x your relationships, simply by working harder, and there's nothing wrong with that that's noble, there's something there, there's quality in that. But it literally doesn't require you to change, it just requires you to do more of what you're doing. Maybe do it better, right, but mostly be doing more. And I want to make sure that I'm becoming the person that creates the life and business and family and support and revenue and income and legacy that can be sustained, that can outlive me, etc. And that's 10x Was it requires me to be something different. In order to 10x You can't just worked 10 times harder is literally not possible. I don't know anybody who is working so little and so lazily that they can literally 10x how hard they're working. Right. So that's the first piece, it's the perspective. The second part is we are now at a place in time in history as we are approaching the end of 2023, where 10 axing your life, your business, your health, and is literally easier to do now than it's ever been in the history of the world. With technology, with solutions with a connected world with everything you need, and want to be able to get access to every person you need to be able to bring into your world to help make your vision a reality. And the things you want to do. To be able to come to light is literally a click away, you are literally one to two introductions away from somebody who knows somebody who can get you the things that you need. That has never happened in the history of the world before technology. So there are new apps happening every single day that you can get access to that cost nothing most of the time just to get started. And things that may cost hundreds or 1000s instead of 10s of 1000s like they used to, and things that we used to take years or months to be able to put together. So all this we are in this perfect storm, where everything can happen exactly as you want it. And so it's darn near say that anything is possible. Okay, you can have anything you want, you can have everything you want. So it does require a level of focus, level shift and change. And, you know, we shared with our membership, on our membership call yesterday, talking about as an example, you know, to x is, you know, the easiest example is the is Henry Ford, and putting buildings designing the car and more, more specifically designing the assembly line in the way of thinking exponential, but what most people would do is I want a faster horse. Or maybe I want more horses. And the perspective was like, well, let's shift all together, and let's take the power that horses can give. And let's get exponential with that. How do we shift that altogether? That was 10x Move, right? Creating a car that captured the power of horses versus just trying to get more horses or get horses to be faster. And you know, we have a conversation that I'm having with somebody right now who's a prospect who is in another country, right? He's in Norway, and he sells health surplus supplements, specifically fish oil, and 5% of his market is in the United States and he wants to expand And that he wants to increase. He's like, how do we get more more US customers? Because people here are focused on health supplements in this good market. So he's thinking, How do I market to more of my end user clients in America? To sell them fish oils? Well, conversation started talking, he was like, well, let's, there's one way to do it is you could just market more and market to more people here? Or what if we look at altogether something different? And say, Well, what other business models are already serving and supporting these markets? And how can we get into a distribution channel? What if we can hook them up with Walgreens, or Costco, right, or some big supply chain in the United States that already has a built in market and is already serving now He's not just going to go to x, He's not just going to increase a bit and make more sales going to literally change the trajectory of his business, because that can out produce everything else that he is doing by leaps and bounds and all of a sudden change the model of his business change the trajectory of his family tree, right? It's again, it's 10x thinking is this, how do I do this differently, that requires him to be different and requires the company to be different requires a different thought process, but it's extremely doable. And it isn't just about working harder. Right, it's not just about working harder. So those are, you know, that's, that's what happens in a 10 experiment you it all centers around you, first and foremost, believing that it is possible to 10x, it is possible to have the outcome. And so even if you don't say okay, 10x 10x means I'm gonna be 10 times more than 10 times greater impact than what I'm doing right now. But what if you just don't stay? Okay, from where I am? How about we just start from zero and say, what is possible? What do I actually want to create? What's the business and the life that I want to create? And what will be necessary to make that happen? And who do I need to become to attract those kinds of people, to attract the clients who would want to buy that? Who do I want to collateralize, we don't have the house, horse, we don't have that, because we've never done that before. So we don't actually know how it works. So we're bracing it perspective of becoming something new, which then attracts something, some new people and new opportunities and perspectives into our world. So when you start thinking differently, you start making different choices that starts moving you in that direction, and then it starts to materialize. It's not sitting around and then mapping out chapter and verse of what it's supposed to look like, because you actually don't know. Right? But you need I

Cindy Padilla:

mean, 10x actually simplifies. There's only so many things that are gonna move the needle, excuse me to a 10x vision, a 10x future. To axe keeps things complicated and muddled, because you're just doing more of the same. And you might add a little of this and a little of that, and explore this option. But there's nothing that significantly different, that's going to give you a viable, and a significant outcome is different than what you have already. Let's talk about viable. I think as we enter 2024. It's, it's going to be a it could be a make or break year for a lot of businesses. For a lot of people in general, we are coming out of four years of tumultuous change, division, distraction, upheavals, wars, economics. And that's gonna continue as we go into 2024. So what is necessary to thrive and build a viable company and business in 2024?

Jim Padilla:

Yeah, but I'm gonna jump into that, I want to make sure that we are also in any questions that are in here. So if you have a question, type it in the chat. So we can address those for you as well. And we do have some other questions that have been in discussion that I'll share in just a minute. But viability is, you know, viability is it's something that everybody needs to be thinking about. Because quite honestly, if you just look at yourself, if you ask yourself a question right now and say, Okay, what kind of a business am I? Am I actually a business, I mean, this is a real thing. If you're a solopreneur. If you have a brick and mortar business, and a storefront and people are coming to well, there's a little bit more shape to that definition. But we serve a lot of people in the online world, and a lot of solopreneurs they're entrepreneurs. And there are some things are really, you know, some truths here that we have to come to grips with. Number one, just because you're it just because I'm not sure it doesn't make me a visionary entrepreneur, somebody who just wants to solve a problem anytime an entrepreneur is somebody who just wants to not work for somebody else, right. So maybe be working for yourself and creating a job. And that's what the majority of people do is we just create a job that we work for ourselves. That doesn't mean we're visionary. And at times, it means the opposite means we're just, we're just a step by step operator, you know, we're just doing, say the things we know that need to get done so that we can, you know, be fiduciary, or really responsible, you know, be able to pay the bills, be able to take care of business, pay our taxes, and all of that. So it's being crystal clear about what is the focus of what you're trying to do, why does this matter? Are you putting out a shingle, as they say, and saying, Hey, come on in, and we'll do some business together, which most businesses become very transactional, that nature, which is also, you know, it's the people who have a vision to people who have something bigger that they're striving for that then leverages the business as a means to reach an end, attain those goals, those missions, those desires, but also the people that win, those are the people that consistently climb the the mountain, right climb the ladder, climb, whatever, whatever metaphor you want to use, those are the people that are reaching, the higher levels of success and the things that they want to do. And you know, we've been very blessed on that journey, we've also hit some hit some, some walls on that journey. And most of the time, when we hit those walls, the things that cost us is usually directly related to one of the two things that we see, as we've been, you know, again, on the journey to work with a whole lot of millionaires and billionaires been very blessed. It's always centered around with forget why we're doing what we're doing. Number one, so motivation and innovation and things slip. The other piece is we're not running the business very effectively. So we're becoming not viable. In many times, their business was never built, to be never designed to generate revenue was never designed to grow in the first place. And that means you're not viable. You have a product, most there, you'd be amazed at how many businesses are nothing more than a product or a service. But it's not a business. There's a client who needs something, there's a solution provider who has a solution. And somewhere in the between we meet and while we have something, you know, our garage door broke yesterday, I was pushing the button coming in in an open, closed, open, closed, open, closed, I couldn't hear it. Cindy was inside the house here, it was a big shock, a big bang, I didn't hear that from inside the car on the street. But garage door was down could not be open manually, because it was a spring and in the cables were broken. Guy came up, we can come over literally 20 minutes, he fixes the thing. I don't know if he has a business, and always a guy who fix things. I'm hooked. I'm assuming he has a business, I have absolutely no idea. It could just be a handyman doing stuff. And now that that doesn't mean he's on business. And it doesn't mean he's not valuable. But it doesn't, that doesn't make a business. Right? And that's that's a perfect example, though. Most people do Oh, there's a problem. I solve it. Eight. How do you come across those clients? How do you serve and deliver? How do you how do you attract the right? How do you have the right inventory to be able to do the things that you need to do? What is your process for serving these clients and making sure that they're in your business in your world for a long time? What is what makes you valuable, right? viable is business model that we again, we are really leaning into as an acronym, right? viable, viable is valuable business being extremely valuable to the people that you serve. It's not just about providing a solution. It's understanding the value that you have solution must be valuable to them, it must be ready it must be ready to act on must be ready to move and must be something that can be built upon must be something that is dead that is always in need always in demand, the more it's in demand, the more supply that that there will be for it right? So you want to make sure that the demand is high. And many times you have to have a plan that generates demand. And then seeks and finds where are the greatest intersections of pain and solution that you can be hanging out on. Right? You don't want to be hanging out on a corner where there's no pain and solution and nothing ever happens. You need to be we need to put yourself in the middle of the activity you need to put yourself where people are most likely to find you. Right? Those these things is about having a viable business plan and strategy. We know what do you think in that city?

Cindy Padilla:

Now that's I wanted you just to expand on that. I believe that 2024 is going to require a level of preparation and foresight and lifetime value for customers and clients that has not been necessary in the past. Right. Our bread and butter is we have a high retention rate on on clients. They stay with us, you know over two years. We're working to get that to three plus years. And it's because we have a lifetime journey. We have a customer journey that we've curated and we continue to sell to buyers Because the people who love you the most who have already invested in you who trust you, who have benefited from working with you, guess what, they'll work with you more they'll, if you provide another valuable solution that adds to the viability of their business and their long term growth. They're gonna say yes, so viability valuable. And that lifetime journey like it, they're all just inner woven. And most coaches, consultants, small business owners stay on the forefront, who's my next customer who's my next lead, who's my next appointment, who's my next client, versus really building out a lifetime journey, and a buyers journey for your company. Totally.

Jim Padilla:

And that's, you know, again, we've had many conversations with clients around this, and this is the challenge, we're not here to get you to want anything that you don't want. That's not my mission, it's to get you to embrace the things that we know you want, but you're so buried in what you're doing day to day that you forget it or you can't see it. And, you know, we have, we have a couple clients we've talked to in the last couple days that are doing big things to great things, and they're poised for some really strong growth. And they want to go bigger, but they're so focused on what they're doing right now that they can't see what the greater opportunity is. And it's not just about money, it money needs to be there. I'm never gonna apologize for making money. And I'm not that person that says it's not about the money. Because the moment you say that we all know it is about the money. My mission is that you're making so much money, you don't ever have to talk about the money. Just never have to pull it out, you're the moment you have to say it's not about the money, you're already asked off purpose off mission off track, you should never have to apologize for it. You just don't need to make it your priority seeking the money. But here's the mission for us on this. So we want to make sure you're making more buyers from the same number of leads and more sales from the same number of buyers. That's the game we're playing. And that's what having a viable business does for you. So viable fie vision, right and value proposition. This is not the rich and this actually the refined tune that it's about being valuable. Value is what you impart value is defined by me, valuable is defined by you, you're decide if I'm valuable to you, hey, I die in the variable is identity, wish to have to become something different, to be able to step into something new, you literally have to transform, you have to become a bigger, better, bolder version of you. If you plan on leaving a legacy that's going to outlive you, if you plan on having the kind of purpose, passion and profit and impact in the world that is bigger than what you can do. You can create on your own with your own single small footprint. Right. It's interesting because we have a we have we within our neighborhood here we drive. You know, it's a nice nice area that we live in. There's this four way stop sign, just around the corner and there's a gentleman there, we call him Patriot Jeff comes out there puts his flag and he just spends pockets of time every day out there just waving at people and cheering on people. And you know, his mission is to make sure everybody understands that they own their little piece of America and his his spot. He's got this little, little spot, he got a little red wagon, he pulls his stuff, he sits there with his chair, he has something to drink. And he he just waves the people and people honk at them and Wave at him and I talked to him sometimes. And his whole thing was he's like I just want everybody know, they that they have a piece of America. He goes this is my this little this little piece of work of mine right here. And, you know, he knows where he stands. He knows what He's what he's doing. He knows he's got a vision. Right and his identity he is he has become a patriot. He has been he has become an inspiring inspiration even though in his own little spot. He's impacting people everyday because they're carrying that message as they come and go and he's always honking at people wait, they're all waving at him. And you know he's he's impacting from where he is you don't have he doesn't have and isn't have a website that have social media. Right? But he's got an identity. He knows who he is. And when you know who you are, then you can easily emanate, everything else radiates from there.

Jim Padilla:

viable vi a BLE, right? So value valuable identity, and a is about authority. How are you positioned? How are you showing up in the world? How do people know what you stand for to people know? Oh, yeah, that's them. That's the salespeople. That's the gym in Sydney or the room? Oh, that's the sales team people that's what they do. They grow companies with sales team. They help people win with sales teams, right? That's how we're known to the war. That's our authority positioning in the world. We help companies win with sales teams. And that encompasses all the things that helped make sales teams great systems, strategies, processes, great offers lifetime journeys, right vision and then a buyer journey right b buyer journey. What are you doing to ensure that people are moving effectively through your world, and that they stay in your world as long as humanly possible so that if somebody comes to you and says, I want you to solve my problem, here's my money. They're trusting you. And if you solve that problem, they trust you even more. Why on earth would you let them go to somebody else, because when you solve that problem, they now have a new problem to solve at a higher level. And having a great buyer journey is something that keeps people moving forward. So once we get sales systems strategies offers in place well guess what, now people hire us to run their events. They hire us to strategize their friends, they hire us to recruit salespeople that were plug and play as sales teams, and consistently generate revenue. They're constantly looking to elevate what they're offering, how they're building their community, we our growth strategy experts. So we build a lifetime journey that keeps people in our world. So they're ready to fly on their own. And then we move to a consulting package. And then from there, we move to and border, you know, an advisory board position, and then for some companies will take an equity position and grow. So we build our own portfolio companies and networks of businesses, but it's all around serving and supporting clients, companies to be able to grow and make sales every day, making more sales from the same number of leads, making sales, more sales from above more buyers from the same number of leads and more sales from the same number of buyers. Right? What do you stand for? And how do people know that when they come into your world, you're in our world right now, you know, on this episode, this podcast here are listening to this, you may be the first time you hear but guess what you already know the buyer journey, you already know that there's an intention. And then there's a desire and capability for you to move in our world for years. So even if you're here just to find out how to make them how to close the sale, or how to some different you should be sharing the vision and the mission and the buyer journey, always in every part of your sales process. Right. So via vi AB elite right? Now, leverage and scale is the like, You got to be thinking about how do I leverage How do I replicate myself? How do I get more from the same effort, more outcomes from the same effort? How do I get more revenue from the same number of opportunities? How do I get more people to replicate myself so I can do what I do more effective means and more mass, I can serve more people, right? So you have to be thinking about this the things that make you a viable business. And exponential growth, ie exponential growth, which we our primary driver is events, we focus on events and every business on the planet, I have not met the business, seen a business in any vertical that cannot win the benefit from creating some sort of an event. For the right people in your spot. No matter what business you're in the ideal people who move your business forward, as clients as partners as input professionals criteria, whether it's executives or people sleeping on the street, there's always somebody who can benefit by being in a group in an intimate setting with you, whether it's three people, 30 people, 300 people or 30,000 people, there is an event waiting for you that will help exponentially grow your business and deliver more qualified booked appointments for you to be able to say yes, I got you, and let's move you forward. Like that's where you share this. Imagine this this conversation that we've been having for last 20 minutes, carried out over three days, and broken down with insights, strategy systems, thought processes, exercises, you with other people in this group, and all of a sudden now as a community, we're starting to shift what we think what we believe, start lining up everybody starting to infuse what we think and what we believe and where we want to go now. So we're creating a tribe, we're creating community, we're creating a movement. And and whether again, whether it's a boardroom with with a handful of executives, or a stadium with 10s of 1000s of people, the same dynamic applies. So that those are these are all the things that lead to becoming a viable business. What's a viable business, BIA B Ely. And that's what you want to be doing. That's what we are focusing on ensuring that you are doing for yourself, so that you're not just selling the service, even if your mission right for right now is just to sell service and let's just a hobby, that's different. But if you're trying to actually build something that you can, that you will be able to walk away from at some point, then you got to start thinking about it now. And again, the opportunity today isn't it has never been better. And so there's there's there's ways for him to be able to work with us many, and there's actually something I want to share right now. And just depending on the timing of what were you hearing this, but we were doing retreats, we have a retreat, a retreat strategy that we support, we we do quarterly retreats and there's one coming up. If you're wherever you're listening to this, there's one coming up within the next quarter, where we are going to dive deep into helping you see what's possible for you in a 10x perspective and getting you to a place where you can 10x What you see what you want, what you desire, and how can you make it happen. And it's about you seeing yourself as the greatest version of you so that you can express it clearly and powerfully to other people so that they can see one thing that people We can do when they come to us. They know we're experts. They just decide then do they buy into what we're selling, and buy into who we are. But it's never from a lack of somebody believing we don't know what we do and how, right and you want to be able to clearly articulate clearly articulate why it matters and what else you're going to do. And we help you do that. And we have a VIP breakthrough retreat attenex breakthrough retreat coming up in a couple of weeks. If you haven't been hearing this now, great. And if not, there's another retreat coming up soon if you're if you're hearing this later. But talk to us about it, because it's about being intimate. It's about diving deep. It's about solving specific problems that are going to help you elevate who you are, see yourself differently. fine tune your message accordingly, building your business towards viability, so that you can actually start moving and start doing the things that you were called to do, instead of chasing leads and sales every day, because nobody that I know not even myself as a sales company as a sales expert. I did not get in business to chase leads and sales every day. And I'm pretty sure you didn't either. So let's move you beyond that. So those things start happening predictably and consistently.