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Today’s discussion is a powerful reminder that opportunities are abundant, and with the right mindset and preparation, you can capitalize on them‌. My guest and extraordinary entrepreneur, Jared Yellin, is a testament to what becomes possible for those willing to take action.

Despite encountering numerous challenges, Jared’s company thrived, becoming a major success in the tech industry. His commitment to empowering entrepreneurs led him to create “Project 10K” an innovative tech ecosystem that supports entrepreneurs with revolutionary ideas aimed at solving real-world problems.

Listen in and get ready to transform your approach to business and the opportunities that come your way because of it.

About the Guest:

Jared Yellin is a non-technical, tech-founder who has done everything you could do wrong building a B2B SaaS platform but somehow landed on his feet and the company is pretty successful today. As a result, he has committed his life as an entrepreneur to making the tech industry safe by launching Project 10K, the first tech ecosystem for entrepreneurs with napkin tech ideas that solve real-world problems.

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About the Host:

Jim Padilla is the founder and CEO of Gain The Edge – a done-for-you provider of industry-leading sales systems and unicorn sales professionals which he co-heads with his wife and entrepreneurial partner-in-crime, Cyndi Padilla.

Through their unique blend of laser-targeted selling systems, inspirational team-building expertise, and 60+ years of combined sales experience – Jim and his wife have generated over 1/4 bn in sales for a long line of high-level, visionary entrepreneurs.

Jim’s mission is to help purpose-driven thought-leaders untangle themselves from the day-to-day minutiae of seeking leads and sales for their business so they’re free to amplify their impact.

When Jim’s not making dollars rain down from the sky, you’ll regularly find him at the driving range – hitting a bucket of balls. Jim credits his time on the driving range as the main source of his best ideas.

Recently relocated back to California, Jim & Cyndi are immersing themselves in family time with their three daughters & four (soon to be five) grandchildren.

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