Turning Dead Leads Into Profits | OM016

Welcome back to another thrilling episode of the Opportunity Makers Podcast — Today, we’re diving deep into the game-changing concept of resurrecting those “dead” leads in your business.

Imagine this: you’ve been focusing all your energy on converting cold clicks into sales, but what about the 70-90% of potential customers who need more time and nurturing? They often end up ignored or forgotten, buried and lifeless.

That’s where my guest, Joel Yi, comes in. He’s a young, brilliant mind with a knack for bringing these seemingly “dead” leads back to life and turning them into sales gold.

Join us as we explore the art of the resurrection campaign, where neglected leads are given a second chance.


How do you currently handle “dead” leads in your business? I welcome you to share your strategies and or challenges with us in an email, a dm or over on any of our social media pages!

About the Guest:

As the creator of the “Sales Farming” system and Harvest AI, a software company that turns dead leads into profits, Joel has helped companies add back an additional 7-figures to their bottom-line. He has led a team of 100+ closers and generated over $35M a year in sales from mastermind programs and coaching programs. Joel has worked with several industry leaders like Ryan Pineda, Rudy Mawer and Brandon Carter to scale their businesses to the next level with over $80M in sales generated.

Connect with Joel:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/officialjoelyi/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/joelyiofficial/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/officialjoelyi/

Website: https://joelyi.com/

About the Host:

Jim Padilla is the founder and CEO of Gain The Edge – a done-for-you provider of industry-leading sales systems and unicorn sales professionals which he co-heads with his wife and entrepreneurial partner-in-crime, Cyndi Padilla.

Through their unique blend of laser-targeted selling systems, inspirational team-building expertise, and 60+ years of combined sales experience – Jim and his wife have generated over 1/4 bn in sales for a long line of high-level, visionary entrepreneurs.

Jim’s mission is to help purpose-driven thought-leaders untangle themselves from the day-to-day minutiae of seeking leads and sales for their business so they’re free to amplify their impact.

When Jim’s not making dollars rain down from the sky, you’ll regularly find him at the driving range – hitting a bucket of balls. Jim credits his time on the driving range as the main source of his best ideas.

Recently relocated back to California, Jim & Cyndi are immersing themselves in family time with their three daughters & four (soon to be five) grandchildren.

Connect with Jim at https://jimp360.com

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